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Representing Performing Artists Since the Late 90s

Being the collective voice for the performing arts, to represent the disparate views of members including theatre, dance and opera production companies as well as venues, festivals and individual artists.

Our Story

Over 250+ Members 
and Counting!

We work alongside our members and partners to strengthen Ireland’s performing arts community, and to advance its interests to ensure a sustainable future.


Building a Diverse & Inclusive Space in the Performing Arts

We are committed to promoting the values of equality, diversity, and inclusion and integrating them into its structures, actions and culture, embedding EDI values and actions at all levels of our organisation and in the programmes we develop and support.

Edi Policy

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Member BenefitsFor Organisations

Joining the Performing Arts Forum offers organisations many benefits, fostering collaboration, innovation, and sustainability within the arts industry.

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Knowledge Sharing & Resource Pooling
  • Professional Development and Capacity Building
  • Community & Support
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Member BenefitsFor Independents

Performing Arts Forum offers independent artists and freelancers a platform to connect, collaborate, and advocate for a stronger and more inclusive arts community.

  • Network & Collaboration
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Advocacy & Representation
  • Community & Connection
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Knowledge is Strength

Making our resources, including factsheets, toolkits, sample contracts and reports, available to everyone.

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